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About Johanna Littleton

"My Family Series gives me a chance

to share with people the need to 

"slow down and gives faces to all you meet."






"Best of Show" at Athens on the Square in September. 

"Featured Artist" at the Art Walk in Decatur in August. 
"Purchase Awards" Panoply, Huntsville, Alabama. 
"First Place Painting" at Mulberry Festival in Macon, Georgia.

"Featured Artist" for Grand Opening of Huntsville Botanical Gardens 
Acrylic mixed with archival mediums are my materials of choice in the "Families" series. The chance to portray emotions, or the lack of, with only the body's attitude still intrigues me. I enjoy watching people passing by at art festivals and my studio window at Lowe Mill. Their remembered interactions play out in future paintings.  


I am continuing to push my color palette in my "Mystery Garden" series. Flowers remembered from Java and Iran give me an opportunity to experiment with colors, values and "All Over" compositions.  


Occasionally, I mix the two series because I loved "Alice in Wonderland" when I was young. Painting gives me a place for giant flowers without giant bugs!

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