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Small Works

My Family series has been an ongoing part of my creative life since the early 90s. It started with a meeting with a 93-year-old woman selling vegetables in a bazaar in Esfahan, Iran. We were living there in the mid 70s and this exchange of ideas led to this series. Now it has taken on a "life of it's own." The original paintings were of women and their interactions. This led to a one-woman show "Seeing Eye to Eye" at Calhoun College. Others were based on Bible stories and the interactions I imagined between the heroes in the New and Old Testaments. 


As I participated in more and more Art Shows, peoplle walking by became characters in paintings. I realized that we in the West are not mandated to be "faceless" but are choosing that lifestyle because of our frantic activity. My message to all is "Slow down and give faces to all those you meet." Nothing makes me happier that to have someone come back and tell me that their painting has made them do just that. 


The original paintings were large which limited the number of people I could reach with this message so this series of small works started ten years ago. I hope you enjoy these "little jewels" as many collectors call them.  

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